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Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'm Aasa. I've been knitting for a few years, and reading knitting blogs compulsively for almost as long. This year, my list of resolutions includes "make my own clothes" - which means buying less, and knitting, sewing and recontructing more. I live in rural Saskatchewan, and work as a journalist. My LYS is a farm over an hour north of where I live, owned by a woman who processes her own yarn in her barn. Since it's New Year's Eve, this seems like a good time to start, and since no one likes text-only knitting blog entries, here's some shots of Sheila at my LYS Prairie Fibre Mills, who taught me to spin.

Sheila's store is actually a little house on her farm that's been converted to a shop full of yarn, rovings, felts and an insane amount of knitting goodness.

When she first got her processing equipment set up in her barn, Sheila had an open house to show us how it worked.

shelia spinning

mom carding
My mom and I took spinning lessons - here she's getting the hang of hand carding.

first yarn
I've gotten better since I spun this, I swear.


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